Congratulations to Claudia Viada

The servers we have mentioned bring great joy and put smiles upon our faces.
Claudia is among the hundreds who serve us here from faraway places.
She hails from Europe, a tiny country long known as Romania.
You’re not familiar? Just think of “Drac” from the place called Transylvania.

After a short time spent with her, she has a plan it’s plain to see.
Some long hard work and now she holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree.
She says, “Fred and Fuzzys’ is like family with Fuzzy the advisor to lean on.”
But a businesswoman is the career that she has always dreamed on.

She advocates for young arrivals as others did for her in the past.
Her personality is so infectious; when she makes friends I’m sure they last.
We wish her success though that’s a sure thing if we were to watch her life unfold.
For her resume would become a best seller with over a million copies sold.