Congratulations to Corinne “Cricket” Lea

We’ve seen servers with passion and servers with style,
We’ve had servers that seem to be God sent,
Now I challenge you dear readers so informed
To find a server that’s more effervescent.

This girl is a treasure with DC roots that grow deep,
Not an ounce of anger, ill will or strife.
When asked, “So Cricket, where’d you get this demeanor?”
Her reply, “It’s a product of an appreciation of life.”

At the Blue Horse for six years, she’s their “everything girl:”
A cook, barista and now from-scratch pastry-maker.
Learned the trade very young; owned Sweetie Pies for a bit,
With a grandma and great aunt early bakers.

Corinne loves the Blue Horse with its palette-pleasing delights,
It’s a social center that people hold dear,
With all the goodies on the menu and the comfort inside.
Says, “I’d still be here if I didn’t work here.”

She’s traveled afar in her very young life,
Even gave school and Mad-City a whirl;
But in the end did realize it wasn’t for her,
Cause in her heart she’s a “Door County Girl.”