Congratulations to Desislava Johnson

So many good servers in the Door we’re aware of and do see,
But none quite as confident as this week’s selection, Desi.
Been in the States since ’07; no worries or great fears.
Had jobs from coast to coast, done a lot in her young years.

Here at Chives since they’ve opened, this restaurant’s a gem.
Works alongside husband Patrick, did I mention he’s the GM?
She thinks people here have no peers, just loves working in DC.
She’s amazed when they return; “It seems they all remember me.”

Her challenge on the job is to make it perfect for everyone,
And with her experience and drive, don’t bet against her son.
Desi’s parents worked this business, so she’s got a solid pedigree.
In her future there’ll be travel, but she’ll still use her college degree.