Congratulations to Jake Junion

A charter fishing captain for the past four or five years,
Been fishing since age three; that should ease any fears.
Jake learned his craft from friends, on-the-job training you could say.
But this gig is part time, for he’s at Hickey Bros. during the day.

Now in fishing our waters, there are those who take sides.
Jake believes there’s room for all whether netters of tour guides.
He’s efficient and knowledgeable in a very professional way.
And he doesn’t seem to balk at that one 17-hour day.

Speaking of balk, did I mention this man has another call?
For 15 years he’s been playing Door County League Baseball.
He’ll run charters ‘til October. Give them a call in Northern Door.
‘Cause when I ask him, “Jake how long?” – “Til I can’t run anymore.”