Congratulations to Jane Binder, of Child’s Play of Door County!

Jane Binder loves the countless toys, clothes, puzzles and games
At Child’s Play of Door County, of Sturgeon Bay fame.
Her “fabulous customers” make her feel energized and glad
Especially the children who come in with mom and dad.

She has worked in the shop for a year and a half,
Helping out a couple days a week, doling out plenty of smiles and laughs.
A resident of Sturgeon Bay with her husband Jeff and cat Mr. Kitty,
It’s a nice life story to make into a ditty.

Child’s Play gives great gift ideas to this grandma of nine,
For when they unwrap their presents, I’m sure they never whine.
Along with running shop she loves kids, animals and baking pies,
Traveling, shopping and fitness classes at the Y.

As a young child growing up, Jane had a favorite dolly,
She was life-sized, could walk and was named “Molly.”
So the next time you’re looking to make a child’s day,
Pop into Child’s Play in the great city of Sturgeon Bay!