Congratulations to Jennifer R. Dupont

House lights dim and the crowd doth hush.
The room is poised; no more delay.
As an audience member did you ever wonder
Who makes it all happen on every performance day?
“Enter stage left, Jennifer.”

She grew up right here among us;
Went to Gibraltar through early high school.
With a vivid memory of posing for a photo
On the very spot that’s now her office—“mystic cool.”
“Cross over to stage right, Jennifer.”

A true pedigree in broadcast journalism,
NBC Sports, with a stint at CNN and Turner.
I’m sure if we read her resume
We’d find this lady’s a life-long learner.
“Move back to center stage, Jennifer.”

She stays in character sometimes in chaos.
Keeps her smile through trials and tribulations.
She’d love to finish her career in the county.
For her DCA has “magic energy vibrations.”
“Take a bow, Jennifer!”