Congratulations to Jim Bowers & Scott Jarman

It’s about respect; tell the truth with no lies.
Let me acquaint ya wit a couple of fine wine guys.
(I woulda used wise guys but we don’t say dat no more.)
They tink in the off season all we do is veg,
I got my guys workin’ here on the Wisconsin ledge.
(Look it up, it’s a wine thing.)

At Lautenbach’s you’ll find Mr. Jarman and Mr. Bowers,
They can bottle 125 cases in a mere 2 and ½ hours.
My guys say cooperation is essential; a fact well known;
Be aware that over half of their product is locally grown.

Makin wine ain’t all that complex; a chemist in whatcha gotta be.
‘Cause you’re on top of PH, SO2 and brix level – not to mention acidity.
My guys are true pros; just watch ‘em a while; true salt of the earth.
Through hard work a new product is born, they beam like parents at birth.