Congratulations to Joel Gunnlaugsson

Some servers wrap our souvenirs
While others bring food and drink.
Some see to all our spiritual needs.
In winter a few maintain the rink.

But this week’s guy is a Renaissance Man.
He’s relentless for those keeping stats.
He keeps the “Island” running all year,
And wears so many and varied hats.

Assistant Fire Chief to Town Board Chair;
Away from home – no time for tears.
Even serves the whole area in a broader sense.
A County Supervisor for the last three years.

Joel has respect from near and far.
A bright star that truly shines.
Began as a deckhand in ’93,
Employed as Captain on the Ferry Line.
It’s the water that he truly loves.
Likes people and makes that quite clear.
Smiles as he says, “You pay to come.
Best part is I get paid to be here.”