Congratulations to Kembria Burr

The server featured this week is another local girl.
It was early in her teens when she gave this work a whirl.
Been working at dear Horseshoe as four seasons have gone by.
Cites nice members and good staff when I posed the question, – why?

Kembria says her job has perks like the views she sees each day –
not to mention those days off when it’s golf that she can play.
Helped find work for sister Kara here, so she’s not so all alone.
After work it’s home to her pit bulls; one named Eva, the other Capone.

Born and raised in Sturgeon Bay, her schooling Sevastopol.
Bartended in Orlando in a place with a name so cool,
her focus now is school, tutors others in micro-biology,
wants a degree in dental hygiene from NWTC.