Congratulations to Linda Hardin

Linda began her service experience in a much more urban place.
Once exposed she knew Door County was to be her chosen space.
With a start at the Greystone and Sturgeon’s Yacht Club for a while,
Now at the Roadhouse three and one half years brings to her a lasting smile.

In our age of specialization, seems we’re destined to perform one task.
Linda is quite a throwback. She works every job here, just ask.
She’ll greet “ya” and seat “yas;” put a beverage at your chin,
Take your order, cook and serve it with a real and pleasant grin.

It’s evident her real love is engaging people face to face.
But this past winter had traffic slowing to what seems a snail’s pace.
So the next time you’re passing Carlsville and the Roadhouse doth appear.
Stop in say hi to Linda. Have some comfort food and maybe a beer.