Congratulations to Mario Gonzalez

When we’re young we had no choice when our parents did collect us.
They moved Mario to DC from his home in central Texas.
At first a tough transition, a move he wished he could delete.
But now the area is home; he says, ‘I love the winters but hate the heat.”

He goes on,” I love this place, near water, all the nature each and every day.”
Next year a degree in environmental science from UW-Green Bay.
He works two jobs which for many youth that seems to be the standard drill.
And on days off, with a grin he says, “Head the boat out on the bay and chill.”

He tells me the Greenwood’s a great place to work, so much tradition it isn’t funny.
Began washing dishes, moved on to serving, says, “If you hustle you’ll make good money.”
Watch this lad move among the tables, when it comes to serving he raises the bar.
His ultimate goal: to be on the Great Lakes with a job in the DNR.