Congratulations to Michael Morrison of Stone’s Throw Winery!

If you’re a lover of fermented grapes grown on California vines,
Come visit Stone’s Throw Winery and let Michael Morrison serve you wine.
He’s been the wine educator at the business for the past three years,
Serving up a variety of vino and a great deal of cheer.

His days at the winery are spent in the tasting room,
Pouring glasses of wine for his wonderful customers to consume.
He has become a big fan of the delectable Petite Sirah,
But if you ask him to drink something sweet, I’m sure you’ll get a polite, “Nah.”

His biggest passion besides wine is reading a good book,
He’s not picky about genres – if it sounds interesting, he’ll take a look!
Michael also dabbles in paint and is proud of his recently published writings,
A poem in Write On’s Behind the Door and a prose Miller Art Museum’s Writings On the Wall – it’s worth sighting!