Server of the Week: Robert Cuellar Sr.

Some servers spend a lifetime flying under the old radar –
exactly like this week’s choice whose name is Robert Cuellar.
He left De Rio, Texas; the year was ’63.
Told his wife we’ll try one year in the orchards of DC.

He says, “I didn’t know about winter, of plows and drifts and sleet.
In those days all we had was a wood burner for our heat.
We all survived and here we are in spite of a few hard knocks.”
With a wink of his eye, “Oh, about that heat, thank God for the apple box.”

That one year turned to 49 from Berns to Lamperts to Ace.
Just watch him serve, so friendly and always a smile in place.
His workday doesn’t end at five; he’s got more energy stored.
It’s off to the Hispanic Resource Center; he’s treasurer and on the board.

He hauls appliances, coordinates events any task he sees around.
The center provides a lift for many; and helps get their feet on the ground.
He assists those new to here with employment and a place to live.
With Robert among us we’re in a better place because of his will to give.