Congratulations to Sarah Fernandez

A native of Minnesota with ten years working in New York State,
And now living in our dear county, was it luck or possibly fate?
You see neither fate nor good fortune needed to be involved,
Enter Mike (stage left), owner – now fiancée and voila – problem solved.

You sense Sarah truly loves her work; takes pride in serving you could say.
And with a menu that changes often, much memorization from day to day.
She began summer job serving as a kid in some long ago year,
And after just a short time “It began to feel like a career.”

“After the Wickman House is established,” she says with a smile upon her face.
“We’ll maybe seek a second venture that’s a more casual outdoor place.”
When asked if moving to DC from populated areas ever gets her down?
She beams, “No way! I’m freakin’ out how one enjoys themself in a small town.”