Congratulations to V.V. and Jerri Lee

Take a look at our lives and the big picture you’ll see,
we are in a wireless age with unlimited technology.
Then spend a day with these two and you’re bound to understand.
There are thousands up here who still want a paper in hand.

We wouldn’t have this fine tabloid without the service they’re givin.’
Same’s true for Dining, Go and Visitors Guides as well as Door County Livin.’
With 300 stops and 3,000 lbs. of paper on the route,
best part is they carry new stuff in and carry the old stuff out.

“We see cool people every day,” they both agree.
“We have the best bosses ever, this job is totally D.C.”
To all business owners and visitor centers, if your racks reflect pollution,
call The Paper Boy, they’ll make things right, they’re “The Clutter Solution.”