Congratulations to Wendy Smith

A workweek for some past 40 hours causes one to freak,
Then along comes server Wendy with 70 in her week.
On the job at 5 am; no light in this quaint town;
With every order she takes never writes anything down.

She has a secret I can’t reveal about not writing orders out,
And as busy as this summer’s been, seems to work no doubt.
Suffice to say most folks she serves return day after day,
With 29 years in this career she does it for more than pay.

Wendy vacations for two months when The Viking shuts the door,
Been to California and Alaska, Mexico and a lot more.
But then it’s back to the Viking she tells me with a grin,
“Gotta” get that light on in the morning for the regulars to come in.