Congratulations to Wes Smith

I wonder if we’ll ever see,
a server as engaging as Wes can be?
Whether a main course, a cocktail or just a cold draft,
his goal: to provide an experience as well as make ‘em laugh.

This guy’s been many places but doesn’t brag nor does he gloat.
Fact is most of his life’s been spent at the Alibi, on a boat.
He’d walk past here seeking employment never bothering to stop in.
Later filled out an application now it’s all win-win-win.

Wes’s goals in life are simple: his own boat, his own home, an MBA.
But until that’s accomplished, he’ll wait tables both here and in Green Bay.
So next time you’re in Fish Creek and old hunger has got your mood,
check out Wes at The Summertime, a good experience as well as food.