Conservationist of the Year Honors

Four Door County Land Trust Chambers Island Committee leaders – Mary Brevard, Suzanne Fletcher, Barbara Frank and Mary Jane Rintelman – will be named Conservationists of the Year by Gathering Waters, Wisconsin’s Alliance for Land Trusts, at its Land Conservation Leadership Awards dinner ceremony in Madison on Sept. 26. The Door County Land Trust is proud to have its members’ work highlighted and to recognize the five years of work that have resulted in protecting the interior of Chambers Island.

Brevard, Fletcher, Frank and Rintelman are island homeowners and environmental stewards who are committed to protecting the ecologically diverse island. In 2013, with a plan of action and clear goals, the group presented a proposal to the Door County Land Trust to create a nature preserve on Chambers Island. 

With the vision to protect more than 800 acres, this ambitious group has spent nearly five years overcoming enormous challenges and has raised more than $1.8 million in private donations to create the Chambers Island Nature Preserve to benefit native plant and wildlife species. By the end of the year, nearly 850 acres will be permanently protected from development and will receive ongoing care from the Door County Land Trust. To read more about the honorees and the awards, visit

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