Letter to the Editor: Conservatives and the Constitution

The dictionary definition of conservative is: disposed to preserving existing conditions, institutions, and to limit change. That definition describes accurately some of the GOP presidential candidates and it seems that the level of their conservatism and emphasis on a literal interpretation of the Constitution is a requirement for the GOP candidacy. It explains their reluctance to accept the fact the world is changing rapidly. Technology in all fields has effectively made the world smaller and it has made it imperative that countries work together to solve associated problems. Deniers of man-made climate change, which is a world problem, come almost exclusively from the conservative side. Conservatives advocate reducing the power of the central government but 21st century world and national problems can only be addressed by a strong central government working with other governments.

Conservatives use a literal interpretation of the Constitution to justify some of their arguments. The Constitution was written at a time when muskets were used by men as part of a militia and then to provide food and protection as needed. I think it’s safe to say that the writers didn’t envision almost unlimited access to AK-47s with 30-round clips. The first amendment wasn’t intended to allow super-pacs to purchase media time and effectively drown out those less affluent as does the Citizens United ruling. With all due respect to the Constitution, it wasn’t written in stone and found on a mountain and if it interferes with common sense it should be amended.


George Krall

La Crosse, Wis.

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