Alissa Ehmke

Arts and Literature Editor

In the course of Alissa Ehmke’s life, she’s called city, suburb and small town home. She was born in Chicago, moved on to a Chicago suburb and then to Baileys Harbor.

She went from needing constant supervision to spending weekends chatting and baling hay at a friend’s farm.

After an undergraduate degree from University of New England in Maine and a graduate degree in English Literature from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, Alissa found her way back to Door County. She had a baby boy, named him Dempsey, and started working at the Pulse, one of the only small papers she knew with such an extensive literature section.

When she’s not editing press releases and sifting through piles of emails, Alissa introduces Dempsey to the county. She takes him for walks, like the one across the Steel Bridge in Sturgeon Bay on a sunny January day.

“It was those little moments when you appreciate living here,” Alissa said.

But life’s not all a stroll for Alissa. She’s a dedicated and competitive volleyball player, and looks forward to tearing up the court during the weekly games.

What she loves about the Pulse: It’s personal but still objective, and we have lots of great original art and literature.

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