Madeline Harrison

Madeline Harrison has had a lifelong connection to Door County. As a child, she would travel religiously from Dubuque, Iowa with her family to spend weekends and holidays on the peninsula, leading her to regard Door County as home long before she ever lived here full time.

Prior to her last year of college, Harrison came to work in Door County for the proverbial “one summer” and, like many before her, found the magnetic field of Door County impossible to resist. After graduating from Northwestern University (CAS – Weinberg ’99) and assorted adventures overseas and in western lands, she returned to Door County to begin the coveted task of creating a life less ordinary.

Former co-owner of the Peninsula Pulse, Door County Living and Paper Boy, Harrison moved on from the paper in 2016 to raise her family and pursue career opportunities in Madison, Wis., with her husband Chris.


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