Conversation Pieces

Painting by Lynn Gilchrist.

The latest exhibition in the Third Avenue Playhouse (TAP) Lobby Gallery, “Conversation Pieces,” features 20 small, still-life oil paintings by Sturgeon Bay artist Lynn Gilchrist.

While best known for her landscapes, Gilchrist also enjoys painting objects she collects: wooden dogs, clay birds, rubber TVs and porcelain eggplants.

“The animals look like they’re in conversation with odd partners,” says the artist. “They also hold a pose very well.”

Gilchrist has an art degree from Oberlin College and has exhibited from California to New York, receiving some awards along the way. She works and teaches a few doors down from TAP at Artists Guild. Her work is shown courtesy of Woodwalk Gallery, Egg Harbor, where she is an exhibiting artist.

The exhibition is open during TAP’s regular box office hours and during scheduled performances. The TAP Lobby Gallery is curated by Will Roberts. For more information call 920.743.1760.