Cooper’s Corner Hosts Wednesday and Friday Karaoke

Anyone can be a rock star at Cooper’s Corner karaoke nights. With the help of Hope Reyes (pictured) the audience is welcome to pick from a slew of tunes and sing their hearts out. Photo by Katie Sikora.

A round of one-dollar “mystery shots” at Cooper’s Corner was more than enough to loosen the lips of the young crowd, who came out for Wednesday karaoke. While there are many places offering karaoke on the weekends around the county, Cooper’s Corner provides a mid-week option.

The supportive audience led to rousing renditions of Adele’s “Set Fire to Rain” and a P. Diddy rap over The Police’s “Every Breath You Take.” While several performances brought good-natured laughs and flashes from a friend’s camera phone, there was plenty of true vocal talent that often ended in a drink purchased for the performer. The karaoke was supplemented by an occasional break, allowing for those in the bar to thumb through the thick binder in search of the next song to be sung.

Amid watching the entertainment on stage, I was unaware that my friend was diligently plotting the songs we would sing together. I mustered an embarrassed smile as our names were called up to the music of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” Luckily, my enthused friend, as well as everyone in the bar, knew the words better than I did. We limped through the song with help from a group at the end of the bar while posing for photos.

In the end, patrons of the bar are looking to be entertained, whether that means a brilliantly executed vocal talent or two guys attempting a rap that moves faster than they can think.

Cooper’s Corner, located in downtown Fish Creek, offers karaoke Wednesday and Friday nights led by Hope Reyes from 9 pm – 1 am. For more information call 920.868.2667 or visit