Coordinated Community Response Column

The names in this article have been changed.

It was a very important day for Mary. The day began full of promise with a new job that would help Mary support herself and her young daughter Ava.

Mary recently left her boyfriend of two years after deciding she could no longer take the daily verbal abuse. She didn’t want Ava to have to listen to the constant fighting and put-downs and wanted them to have a better life. It was difficult for Mary to leave her boyfriend, particularly because he had all the money. He didn’t allow Mary to work. Now that she left and had a new job, she felt like she and her daughter could make it.

Mary dressed Ava for daycare, and spent extra time getting herself ready for her first day on the job. They got in the car and Mary saw the gas gauge on “E.” She riffled through her purse looking for a couple dollars or even some loose change. Her purse was empty.

Mary called HELP of Door County, knowing that we sometimes can provide a gas card for emergencies, but we were out and couldn’t help her. Mary called her new job to say she couldn’t come in that day, and they let her go.

Unfortunately this situation isn’t that uncommon.

The support that HELP of Door County, Inc. can provide is crucial to the community, especially when there are safety concerns present. It’s not easy to leave an abusive situation after having invested time, money and your heart. Abuse can affect any socioeconomic level.

Change can be hard and leaving your comfort spot can be even harder even if there is abuse occurring. Being able to provide options, safety planning, resources and support is crucial to our clients. Due to our limited storage in our building any store gift cards and gas cards are very helpful.

You, and others like you in this generous community, have stepped up to help people like Mary before by donating these much needed gas cards and other items on our needs list. Everyone can make a difference. Your gifts make a huge difference in people’s lives when they are seeking safety and working to be self sufficient. Can you be someone’s hero today?

Mail or drop off donations to HELP of Door County, 219 Green Bay Road, Sturgeon Bay 54235. For more information call 920.743.8785.

This article is brought to you in part by the Door County Coordinated Community Response (CCR) to Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Teams and the Door County Elder and Adult-at-Risk Interdisciplinary Team.