Coordinated Community Response: It Does Happen Here

Because Door County is possessed of some of the most beautiful topography along its 300 miles of shoreline, is home to a bustling and diverse economy and has an extraordinarily vibrant arts scene, it is easy to think that everything is sailboats and sunsets. And yet, many of the problems that bedevil people worldwide are present here as well – including domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Imagine you’re a stay-at-home mother of two young children who has been shoved around by your often unemployed husband, sometimes in front of the children, and recently the shoving has escalated to hitting. You love him and just want your life to be happy.

Imagine you’re a retired professional whose wife has recently gone into an assisted living facility. You notice the bank statement doesn’t agree with your check register and several valuable coins are missing from your collection.

Or imagine you’re a high school football player who has been pranked by some buddies and is being text stalked by several men who say they want to get to know you better and wouldn’t it be great if you joined them in Chicago for a big weekend.

In each of these instances, abuse is present – domestic abuse for the family, possible theft and financial abuse for the retired professional, and possible sex trafficking for the high schooler.

Many good people are ready to serve the needs in each case. Once law enforcement responds to a call, their investigation may find cause for charges to be filed. Next the District Attorney’s office will build a case and our excellent judges make their decision. Then experts in the areas of corrections or probation and parole are likely to play a part.

Among the others who often interact with people in crisis situations include health care and mental health professionals, specialists in financial management, experts in housing issues and child safety, counselors and teachers at all the area schools. Also involved are experts from agencies that specialize in serving the needs of people experiencing domestic abuse or sexual assault, others that provide emergency assistance with food or clothing, a car repair or other transportation issue. It is a very long list of dedicated and passionate people who all want the best possible outcome for those involved and to help protect the safety of everyone in Door County.

These experts in their respective fields make up the Door County Coordinated Community Response (CCR) Team. We all serve people who are dealing with a difficult mix of emotions – unsure of what help they might need – let alone how to go about finding it. We meet regularly to develop our skills and to network. We know that the better we understand how each of us operates, the better we will all become at helping the people we serve get the help they need.

If you or someone you know would like to join the CCR team, contact me at 920.743.8785 to be put on our email list and be notified of upcoming meetings and trainings.  

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