Counting Heads, Wings, Roots and More at a Door County BioBlitz

On June 26, the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, with help from Department of Natural Resources (DNR), UW-Green Bay, and volunteers will hold a daylong biological survey of Europe Bay Woods State Natural Area in Newport State Park. The event, called a BioBlitz, is one of three being held in Wisconsin this summer.

“BioBlitzes are kind of like a head count in nature,” noted Jeffrey Potter, coordinator of the events for the foundation. Designed as part educational event, part scientific endeavor and part festival, BioBlitzes bring together scientists and the public to explore local biodiversity and the science used to measure and protect it.

Matt Frank, Secretary of the DNR, will be on hand in the morning to participate in the event, along with ecologists and scientists representing a variety of parks and organizations.

“This event is open to anyone for any amount of time – come for a few hours or stay for the whole day,” said Potter. The BioBlitz will run approximately 12 hours, from 6 am – 6 pm. Short, guided data collection trips throughout the day will include plants, insects, birds, mammals, trees, amphibians and more.

Participants are asked to meet at Ferdinand Hotz Park on Europe Bay Road. The small township park will serve as event headquarters with a field lab for scientists and activities for kids and families will be available. The Peninsula School of Art will lead a public art project and guest speakers will offer short presentations on a host of topics throughout the day.

Registration is recommended, but not required. Visit and follow the “BioBlitz” link on the home page for more information.