County Board Votes to Maintain Per-Diem Pay System

The Door County Board of Supervisors voted at its monthly meeting July 23 to retain the pay-diem pay system rather than switching to a salaried system.

The motion before the board was to set the annual salary at $7,500, payable in monthly installments of $625. During discussion, several supervisors said $7,500 was too much and suggested it should be $6,500 annually. Supervisor Dan Austad said he is the one who suggested $7,500, basing that on what is paid to members of the Sturgeon Bay City Council, who have a much smaller budget than the county.

Supervisor David Enigl made a motion to reduce the amount to $6,500.

A super majority of 14 votes was needed to make the pay change, but only 12 members voted for it. The eight who voted against the change were Helen Bacon, David Englebert, Roy Englebert, David Enigl, Ken Fisher, Jon Koch, Richard Virlee and Linda Wait.

In other matters:

• The board approved a capital-improvements plan for 2020-24, with roughly $6 million allocated for the 2020 budget: $4.6 million of that from tax levy, $135,000 from state funding and $1.3 million from other sources. 

• The board approved a five-year telephone contract with Nsight. Jason Rouer, head of the county’s Technology Services Department, said the county will realize savings and resolve some recurring problems that were encountered with AT&T, the previous provider.

• The board voted in support of Senate Bill 262, which would end the ability to waive immunization requirements for children for personal convictions. A report from Health Officer Susan Powers indicates that more than 90 percent of those who opt out of immunization do so for this reason. The bill would still allow people to opt out for religious and health reasons.

• Rejected a request from the Town of Baileys Harbor to allow an ATV/UTV route on a section of County E that includes the Kangaroo Lake causeway, despite the fact that the proposal was approved unanimously by the town board. Several supervisors said they are familiar with that section of road and feel there is too much going on to allow it as an ATV route. Before the vote, Supervisor Randy Halstead noted that the route was approved in a 3-2 vote by the county Highway Committee, and he was one of the two nay votes because of the amount of traffic and activity on the causeway. 

• Approved two grants and one donation for the Door County Soil & Water Conservation Department. The first is a $40,000, two-year grant from the United States Forest Service for invasive-species education and control. The second is a $4,200 donation from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to fight the invasive black swallow-wort, also known as dog-strangling vine. The final grant is $182,255 from the DNR to provide cost-share installation for agricultural water discharges.