County Merges Zoning, Sanitary, Real Property, GIS Office

There has been a merger of the Door County Planning & Zoning, Sanitarian, and Real Property Listing Departments, and the county’s Geographic Information Systems/Land Information Office Coordinator position, which was previously part of the county Information Systems Department. The purpose of the merger is to better coordinate and thereby improve the departments’ already intertwined programs and services. The new department will be called the Door County Land Use Services Department. With the merger came reorganization of the related county office spaces as follows: Planning & Zoning staff members are still housed in the same space as previously (third floor, Door County Government Center, Room C314); Sanitarian staff members have vacated their third floor offices and moved down the hall into the Planning & Zoning offices (Room C314); Real Property Listing staff have vacated their second floor offices and moved up to the third floor, into the former Sanitarian Department offices (Room B346); The GIS/LIO Coordinator and GIS Mapping Specialist have both moved from the former Planning & Zoning offices down the hall into the former Sanitarian Department offices (Room B346). Sub-departments will still be identified on signs within the Government Center by the names more familiar to property owners and members of the development community (zoning, sanitarian, etc.). The previous Sanitarian FAX number has been discontinued, but otherwise everyone’s phone and FAX numbers remain unchanged. Anyone at any phone number within the department can transfer you to anyone else within the department. Front office staff in the former Planning & Zoning office space will answer both the Planning & Zoning and Sanitarian phone lines, 920.746.2323 and 920.746-2308, respectively. Real Property Listing staff may still be reached at 920.746.2287. The GIS/LIO Coordinator may still be reached at 920.746.2391. The GIS Mapping Specialist may still be reached at 920.746.2267. Websites have yet to be modified, but access to all department or sub-department websites will continue to be available through the overall county government website,

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