County Seeks Feedback on Comprehensive Plan

The County of Door is updating its comprehensive and farmland preservation plan in compliance with state requirements. The final plan will contain two volumes. Volume II, the Resource Report, contains all of the required information, inventories, analyses and maps required by both the comprehensive and farmland preservation planning

laws. The purpose of the Resource Report is to inventory current conditions and analyze statistical trends and projections to help identify future needs and opportunities. 

Volume I, Vision and Goals, will be drafted after input has been received on the Resource Report. Volume I addresses the issues, opportunities, and vision statements for the required topic areas, and the overall plan goals, policies, and action items. Volume I is expected to be available to the public for input in the first half of 2024.

The County of Door’s public participation plan includes gaining public input for both volumes – and the input regarding the Resource Report and associated maps is important for helping the county draft its Vision and Goals.

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