Crane Art Going Up in Egg Harbor

Iron artist Boleslaw Kochanowski of Junction City was in Egg Harbor on Nov. 5 to work with mason Dave Schleicher to install a concrete base for a sculpture Kochanowksi has been commissioned to create.

A family with a long connection to Door County commissioned Kochanowski to create the sculpture in honor of the matriarch of the family, who died in 2004, and the patriarch, who died last year. The family wishes to remain anonymous.

Kochanowski said he has created a sculpture that honors family in general and the commissioning family’s interest in sailing. The work will feature a male crane in flight, with the female and a young one waiting at the base for his return.

Kochanowski and Schleicher planned to do more work on the sculpture base this weekend, and a public dedication will take place next year.

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