The defiant stance of not getting a vaccine or wearing a mask doesn’t wane and it is infuriating! The message is simple: Vaccinate and mask and you are not only protecting yourself, you are protecting your family, your neighbors, and all those you are in contact with. These simple acts will wipe out this virus, save lives and secure our economy. 

As to the “Government not telling us what to do” there are numerous aspects of our lives that we could manage ourselves but the intervention adds a level of safety. We could each make our own decision when to enter an intersection but the traffic lights reduces the number of potential accidents. 

Where is this soft under belly coming from? What happened to the days when we cared for the well being of each other? When we made real sacrifices, sometimes risking our own lives to save others?

During the Blitz in England during WWII, families in the north took in children from areas that were being bombed. Others in Europe were providing safe havens for the innocents being hunted for genocide. Here in our own country, history tells of underground escape routes from the south to the north for those being chased down and murdered. During times of deep recessions, people shared their living quarters and what little food they had. Yet we cannot care enough to vaccinate and wear a simple mask?

Let’s get some perspective folks and as the British say – buck up.

Meg Ziegelmann

Sister Bay, Wisconsin