Creative Mastermind Course Helps to Clear Distractions

Are you easily distracted by fear, worry, frustration or long to-do lists? Join Creative Mastermind: a free, light-hearted, virtual event on May 6, 7:15-8:15 pm. Jodi Rose Gonzales will lead the program about how to reduce head noise using an easy art-therapy journaling technique.

Head noise distracts you from your work, and it can contribute to burnout and low morale,” Gonzales said. “Yet scribbles and doodles have a calming effect. Even more, your doodles contain ideas and solutions that have not yet evolved to conscious thought. When you combine doodling with certain writing techniques, even the humblest image can show you how to quiet your mind, reduce stress and reconnect.”

Gonzales is a credentialed art therapist, yoga teacher and the originator of WonderDoodles and YogaDoodles. She offers virtual services from her Northern Door studio, including art-therapy youth groups; adult workshops; life, business and creativity coaching; and yoga classes. The Doodle’s Code and its accompanying art journal are offered at no charge on her website.

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