Crossroads Hosts Buckthorn Pull

The Stonecipher Astronomy Center at Crossroads at Big Creek will soon have a new galaxy themed garden, designed by Barb Henkelmann, featuring flowers like Asters (which comes from the Greek word for “star”), Sunflowers, Moonbeam Coreopsis, Blazing Stars and Stargazer Lilies.

A different kind of star hangs in the chapel at The Heritage Village. The 26-point Moravian Star is used worldwide during Advent by members of this Protestant denomination. Because the Chapel at The Village is a replica of the Ephraim Moravian Church, in which a Moravian Star hangs throughout the year, the Door County Historical Society has placed the star in the interior of the simple white building to recognize the charming customs of the Moravians.

On Sept. 21 at 2 pm, the Door County Historical Society invites the community to experience a Love Feast. This unique Moravian tradition involves the sharing of a simple meal in Christian fellowship. The Rev. Paul Graf, now retired from active parish ministry, is still very active as a Bishop in the Moravian Church.

Now that insects are (mostly) gone from the forest, Crossroads is focusing their outdoor efforts on invasive species. Volunteers (with or without experience) are invited to a buckthorn pull on Sept. 19 and 20 at 9 am. Wear work gloves if you have them.

The calendar says that Autumn begins on the 22nd, so Crossroads has scheduled a hike at 4:30 pm to find out. Join the naturalist for this 45-minute ramble through the Crossroads preserve.

The Collins Learning Center at Crossroads, located at 2041 Michigan in Sturgeon Bay, is open 2 – 4:30 pm daily and during scheduled events.