Crossroads Hosts Sustainable Tourism Workshop Feb. 5

Amber Marie Beard

Door County is nationally renowned as an award-winning travel destination. Tourism and hospitality have been mainstays of the local economy for generations, and tourist numbers continue to increase every year. However, as generations of travelers change, so do their expectations of the destinations they visit. Based on its most recent survey for 2019, predicts that millennials and Gen Z travelers will prioritize sustainable experiences in their destinations.

Crossroads at Big Creek will host a workshop on Feb. 5, 9 am – 12 pm, to detail the opportunities that Door County has to redefine “Live Life Well” through sustainable and wellness tourism and hospitality. Attendees will hear an introduction to sustainability and wellness in tourism and hospitality, look at destinations that are leaders in this area, learn about the opportunities for Door County, and discuss how local businesses can take steps to capitalize on these travel trends and market them to this new generation of visitors.

Ellison Bay native Amber Marie Beard will lead the workshop. She has spent the last 14 years working in global destinations that are sustainability leaders in a variety of industries. She has recently returned to Door County and opened her own company, projekt hABitat, to share her expertise in sustainability and wellness.

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