Crossroads Seeks ‘Habitat Healers’ to Help with Restoration Work

Under the guidance of Landscapes of Place, Crossroads at Big Creek (, 2041 Michigan St. in Sturgeon Bay) is finalizing its ecological restoration plan for 2021, with the focal point being the navigable Big Creek Estuary and its associated coastal-wetland habitats. They are important locally and to the greater Green Bay Estuary, the world’s largest freshwater estuary.

The land-based restoration efforts are designed to improve water-related habitats such as sedge meadows, alder thickets and Crossroads’ northern white cedar-dominated wet mesic forest.

Crossroads’ educational theme this year is Transformations, and visitors will see many signs this spring that transformation is taking place. Giant piles of buckthorn, a restocked nursery and acres that appear to be decimated are all part of the restoration.

During Wisconsin Water Week, Crossroads is finalizing plans to replace dense thickets of invasive shrubs and trees with native species. Individuals and organizations interested in helping with this land-restoration effort can join Crossroads’ “Habitat Healers” mailing list by emailing [email protected], with “Habitat Healers” in the subject line. 

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