Dahl Law Firm Receives Purple Angel Status from Dementia Campaign

Dahl Law Firm, Ltd., Sister Bay, has received Purple Angel status through training given by The Fox Valley Memory Project of Appleton. The Purple Angel signifies recognition and understanding of dementia, and is an iconic symbol for the promotion of dementia awareness. According to The Purple Angel Dementia Campaign, “Norman McNamara, a resident of Torbay, Devon, UK was diagnosed with dementia at only 50 years of age. Whilst out shopping one day he was rudely spoken to by a shopkeeper and decided to change the way people see dementia and treat others.” From there, a group was formed to try to make Torbay the first Dementia Friendly resort in the country. Today, The Purple Angel Dementia Campaign is raising awareness globally and provides tools for businesses and individuals to better understand dementia and how it might affect everyday interactions.

“Our office regularly sees people experiencing memory loss and their loved ones who are trying to help them,” Attorney Dahl said. “By displaying the Purple Angel logo we are showing our support for dementia awareness, and communicating to clients that we understand and will do our best to serve their needs.”

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