Dalgona Coffee

Here’s how to join the whipped-coffee craze

The caffeine trend during the COVID-19 quarantine period turned out to be an internet and Instagram recipe-gone-viral for a whipped sensation called dalgona coffee. 

Its origin can be tied to South Korean YouTubers who used the term “dalgona” to describe the drink. Dalgona is the name for a Korean sweet treat that’s equivalent to what’s known as honeycomb toffee in the United States. 

Then, as orders to stay home were issued this spring, the simplicity of the recipe enabled people all over the world to give it a try in their own kitchens, and its popularity exploded. 

Dalgona coffee is a simple combination of instant coffee, sugar and water that — when whipped vigorously — becomes a foamy substance with a silky, gooey texture. Taste wise, it’s sugary sweet with a strong coffee flavor. 

To finish creating the beverage, mix the whipped coffee with hot or cold milk (or any milk alternatives), and adjust the amounts of each to your liking. 

Your creation may not be able to compete with the latte from your favorite coffee shop, but it’s a fun way to DIY your own frothy — and slightly frivolous — coffee drink at home.

By Aleah Kidd.