Dancin’ on the Door Now Offering QiGong Intro Class

Beginning Feb. 23 Dancin’ On The Door will offer “Intro to QiGong” 9:30 ‒ 10:30 am. Students will learn the Golden Qi Ball routine. These movements are part of a sequence that is geared for the five seasons in traditional Chinese medicine. Students will learn the winter protocol that supports body and organ systems as well as muscles and joints. This class is geared for beginners and is recommended for all ages.

The class will continue on Fridays through March 23. The five- week course costs $50. Jen Aldrich will lead this class that builds Qi or energy, strength, and overall wellness with breathwork and gentle movements. For more information, call 920.868.5089. Dancin’ On The Door is located at 4614 Harbor School Road and Highway 42 in Egg Harbor.

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