Dark Songs Songwriters Return to The Holiday

This year marks the 5th annual Dark Songs songwriting event held at The Holiday Music Motel in downtown Sturgeon Bay. Songwriters converge upon the motel for a full week to write and record new original collaborative material in the spirit of the “dark” holidays of late autumn – Halloween and Día de Muertos (Day of The Dead).

This year marks the biggest turnout for The Holiday with 45 songwriters confirmed to participate, including Adam Mackintosh, Carley Baer, Charles Boheme, Chris Aaron, Elliot Goettelman, Jeanne Kuhns, Kory Murphy, Nick Hoover, Liv Mueller, Ruby James, David Woods, James Hall, and Lena MacDonald.

“This year, the whole motel will be used to house the writers and we’ll have three studios in operation throughout the week,” said melaniejane motel manager and co-organizer.

pat mAcdonald, founder and creative director, is currently hard at work selecting songs for this year’s release of Dark Songs From The Holiday (the 4th volume released).

This year’s performances take place on Nov. 1 & 2 at Third Avenue Playhouse in downtown Sturgeon Bay.

This past August, the Holiday Music Motel and Steel Bridge Songfest family suffered a great loss when Billy Triplett (in-house engineer) passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. The entire event will be dedicated to celebrating Billy and his many contributions to the music community.

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Check next week’s issue of the Peninsula Pulse for a feature article about Dark Songs.