Darlingside at Door Community Auditorium

Acclaimed alt-folk quartet Darlingside will perform at the Door Community Auditorium on July 10 in support of their celebrated new album Extralife. Lyrically and musically, Darlingside moves forward on their latest effort, as they create an ambient, dreamlike atmosphere with their seamless vocals and masterful instrumentation.

Extralife finds Darlingside looking to the future, mourning the loss of our world with a post-apocalyptic view to address topics ranging from societal issues, politics, environmental concerns and religious tensions. While the subject matter may seem bleak, Extralife is not without an underlying sense of hope and optimism. PopMatters said, “It’s an oddly beautiful record, comfortable in its unsettling contemplations and rapturous.”

Darlingside’s ability to address such dark subjects with such artistic beauty is a testament to their distinctive nature. To experience this band at full force requires total immersion, and there is no better way than to see them live.

Darlingside’s previous release Birds Say emphatically marked the arrival of an eclectic, intelligent and dynamic band. Stretching the boundaries of traditional folk, chamber pop, baroque, progressive and indie rock, the band melds various styles together to create something not easily categorized and very much their own.

For tickets, visit or call 920.868.2728.

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