DATCP Warns of Fake IRS Scam Calls

DATCP’s Consumer Protection Hotline is seeing an influx of reports from Wisconsin residents about fake IRS scam calls. The scammers are threatening arrest within 24 hours (sometimes within 30 minutes) if the call recipient does not make an immediate payment for phony taxes. This is the standard IRS imposter scam though the threats are a bit more aggressive than usual. Hang up on these fraudulent calls and take no further action with the caller. You are not at risk of arrest. The IRS will never call you and threaten arrest for back taxes. If you or a loved one receives a similar call and needs guidance, call your local law enforcement’s non-emergency number or contact the Consumer Protection Hotline at 800.422.7128 or [email protected]. For more information about these fraudulent operations, review DATCP’s imposter scams fact sheet.

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