DC Freeze Cryotherapy Opens

In the 1992 movie Forever Young, Mel Gibson plays a pilot who’s frozen during a cryogenics test in 1939 and reawakened in 1992.

You won’t be able to get that kind of service in the building recently constructed south of Egg Harbor at 6452 Hwy 42, although it, too, uses very low temperatures to affect things.

Tim and Heather Bley are preparing to open DC Freeze Cryotherapy. The company’s namesake therapy has trended during the past few years as athletes look for fast, effective recovery methods for muscle soreness. According to Tim, cryotherapy offers a wide variety of benefits for athletes and nonathletes alike, including a reduction in overall inflammation in the body, invigoration of blood circulation and a reboot for the metabolism.

“You feel alive after you’ve done this,” Bley said.

Ice baths, ice packs and cold-water immersions have long been methods of choice to offer similar benefits, but the differences with cryotherapy, Bley said, are ones of degree and speed.

“This is a flash freeze, so it drops your body temperature from normal down to 32 to 50 degrees,” Bley said. “That’s the prime spot to hit to attack that inflammation. And it does it in three minutes.”

The Bleys will offer some of their services starting this weekend, with the full spectrum available by month’s end. Freeze cryotherapy – localized, whole body or as a cryofacial – is prominent on their menu of services. Other alternative and holistic therapies they’ll offer include celluma light therapy, zerobody dry flotation therapy, leg compression therapy and an infrared sauna.

Bley’s motivation for opening the business was somewhat personal. He’s tried everything over the years to heal his chronic back issues, including surgery that eased his pain for only eight months. Then a buddy who’s a firefighter in Sturgeon Bay turned him on to a freeze cryotherapy business in Green Bay.

Tim Bley and his one-year-old daughter, Lily, in the room where the zerobody dry flotation therapy bed is located. Photo by D.A. Fitzgerald.

“He got me hooked on it,” Bley said. “I’ve been going for over a year now, and it’s giving me relief.”

Bley has numerous businesses, including the garage-door business he co-located with DC Freeze Cryotherapy, a lawn-care business and a family farm that cash-crops about 600 acres. The husband and father is also a supervisor on the Jacksonport Town Board. 

“We’ve got a lot of stuff going on,” he said, “so I got sick of driving to Green Bay” for cryotherapy treatments. The solution? Do it yourself, which is actually the way Bley said he likes to roll.

“I’m the kind of guy who likes to keep moving with the times,” he said.

Learn more about DC Freeze Cryotherapy through its Facebook page,