DCEDC Directed to Actively Improve Broadband

The Door County Economic Development Corporation’s (DCEDC) Board of Directors met this month and unanimously directed DCEDC to take a leadership role in improving broadband in Door County. “Today, reliable and fast broadband is a foundational requirement, not a luxury,” said Jim Schuessler, DCEDC’s executive director. “We have people seeking broadband access to create home-based businesses, and we have areas that lack the capacity to deliver what is necessary. We can’t send students home from well-connected schools to homes that don’t have adequate access. Today, it’s not just about economic development, it is about sustainability.” DCEDC will provide each municipality with a template to survey their citizens and businesses to ask about existing access. DCEDC will use the survey to focus efforts and will work with any and all providers seeking to improve service in Door County. As part of the initiative, DCEDC will engage technical professionals to help outline solutions. “There is a sense of urgency to achieve solutions, and I’m glad that DCEDC has a board that is willing to throw a few elbows to ensure solutions are achieved,” added Schuessler. Those interested in engaging in solutions are encouraged to contact Schuessler at [email protected].

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