DCHS: Digging-Dog Tips

The Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) Door County Campus is currently housing nearly 30 dogs from other shelters to assist them as they work through an animal-health situation (visit to learn more), so WHS Door County is temporarily closed for adoptions. It will resume regular adoption processes soon.

In the meantime, keep these tips in mind as the snow melts, the grass gets greener and your dog begins to dig …

Digging is a normal behavior for most dogs, but it may occur for widely varying reasons. Some breeds were actually bred for the purpose of digging – terriers, for example – so it may be easier to provide those dogs with places where they can dig contentedly instead of trying to deny their instinctive behaviors.

There are things you can do to curb unwanted digging, however:

• Keep interesting toys in the yard, and rotate them frequently so your dog doesn’t become bored.

• Increase exercise and training sessions outside the yard.

• Check your yard for grubs, moles and other underground animals.

• Consider using “Snappy Trainers” over the area.  

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