DCL BASEBALL: Islanders Ride Upset into Title Game

As we head into the final week of Door County League (DCL) baseball play, I would like to give thanks. 

First of all, to the staff at the Peninsula Pulse who allowed me to write a weekly article to get the DCL the coverage it once had and deserves, thank you. 

To my fellow league officers, it has been a pleasure working with you all for the past two seasons. 

And I want to give special thanks to league secretary Mary Witteborg. She has taken the torch from the late Skip Kaeske and has proven to have the same passion that he did about the league. She helped proofread my articles for part of the year and even gave me the same red marks as she once did her students. Mary cares a great deal about the league and has worked tirelessly at times to get things out in print and online. I am grateful to have had her as my sidekick for the past two seasons. She recently lost a family member but yet still is not missing a beat. She deserves the most credit for keeping this league on everyone’s mind. 

The Swami was 1-1 last week and could have easily been 0-2 or 2-0 with the great games that were played. And although his record is a gaudy 46-11, he still gets the occasional heckle about his picks from fans and players. They’re meant to be fun and lighthearted and bring a little extra to the week, but if we know anything about the Swami, it’s that he just doesn’t care. Who will he pick to win the playoff championship? Let’s take a look. 

Washington Island @ Kolberg 

The year was 2001. Washington Island and Institute played a winner-take-all game for the league title after finishing the regular season tied. Pitchers Mark Woerful and Quinn Schartner both went the distance that day in a 13-inning, 4-3 thriller that saw the Island win its first title in 47 years. It was one of the greatest games in league history. Last Sunday, Troy Jorgenson channeled his inner Woerful, pitching a 12-inning shutout and serving notice that he’s back. The Islanders needed every bit of his arm Sunday as their bats fell silent against Sister Bay’s pitching. 

The Braves, too, found themselves in a barn burner Sunday and having to win in comeback fashion. They averaged 10-plus runs per game this season but needed every bit of the four they scored to derail the Ports’ upset bid. Having Trevor Reinhardt on your side definitely helps, but Kolberg will need to score more than four runs this time around to keep both trophies south.
The Island fans will be there in droves, and this one could be a dandy.  

The Braves have pitched better than the Islanders this year. They have hit better. But every dog has its day. 

In the game of roulette, there’s an adage that you always bet on black. However, sometimes you have to play the hot hand, so this time around, I’m betting on green.

Swami says: Islanders.

Round 1 Playoff Results

Kolberg 4, Jacksonport 3

Washington Island 1, Sister Bay 0 (12 innings)