Deanna Clayton Featured in Primal Inspirations Exhibit

“Coveting Water” by Deanna Clayton.

Local artist Deanna Clayton is currently highlighted in the Muskegon Museum of Art’s (MMA) new temporary glass exhibition, Primal Inspirations: Contemporary Artifacts.

Primal Inspirations highlights the work of 12 artists working in the glass medium who are noted for their interest in primitive art. Clayton’s work is displayed among that of artists such as William Morris, José Chardiet, Rick Beck, Davide Salvadore, and Preston Singletary.

According to the article “Primal Inspirations” by Ferdinand Hampson, which the MMA exhibit is based off of, Clayton’s piece, “Coveting Water,” was inspired by her struggle with not having potable water in her Door County home and studio about a year ago. After carrying water around her property, she shared, “I’m very occupied by the idea that no matter how advanced society may become, when you strip it down, the basic needs are the same for everyone, and no one is above living without them.”

Clayton continued, “I was thrilled and inspired when I came across images of these woven water jars made by Native Americans. They combined my passion for the weave as well as my passion for water.”

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