Dear Mr. Patrick Henry

Dear Mr. Patrick Henry


Where are you when we need you?

You raised a whirlwind

and rode it to revolution.

railed at king and parliament,

aloof and overseas.


Our Congress seems detached,

putting Party before public,

re-election before principle.

Hope packed her bags and left,

and skeptics are having a field day.


I am reminded of what you said:

“Are we disposed to be of that number

of those, who having eyes, see not,

and having ears, hear not,

the things that concern us all?”


Tell me Mr. Henry does this fit our time?

“I know not what course others might take;

but for me, give me liberty,

or give me death.”

Today Congress and leaders would be afraid

that the public would take them at their word

and lynch them all.


Phil Hansotia