Dedication of Painting at Stella Maris, Egg Harbor

Fish Creek artist Patty Degenhardt recently had one of her paintings dedicated at the Egg Harbor site of Stella Maris Catholic Parish.

Degenhardt said of her work: “In undertaking the piece for Stella Maris, I was fortunate to have had a background of a course in graduate school on cathedrals of the Middle Ages. I had the experience of visiting many of the European cathedrals and numerous smaller churches. The architecture, paintings and sculptures of these places have always stayed with me.

“The idea for the painting came to me as a result of all these experiences. The five-point star is one used in many of the cathedral chapels and ceilings of numerous small churches. The piece is done on board as is much of the art seen in churches, this is the substrate used for the altarpieces painted by the masters. I chose to cover the board with silver leaf, which gives the painting luminosity.

“The work conveys a loving mother holding an earthly Door County in her hands from a celestial vantage point. My goal was to create something that transcends the ages, this is also the goal I have for my personal work. I wanted this to speak, on some level, to all who experience it.”

The Egg Harbor site is located at 7710 Highway 42. For more information about Degenhardt visit

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