Delicious Drinks without the Buzz

Stabbur’s nonalcoholic offerings are on top of the trend

Looking to take in the fun and food of Fall Fest, but less or no alcohol? Stabbur is offering an assortment of nonalcoholic (NA) options on tap for the big weekend. As a family-friendly beer garden – a place where parents can meet up with friends to enjoy a drink, but also take the kids – it makes great sense to offer an alcohol-free beverage list. 

On tap during Fall Fest weekend, look for Leitz Einszwei Zero Riesling and sparkling rosé, Budweiser Zero, Stockholm Junior and nonalcoholic versions of several of Stabbur’s signature cocktails, including an NA Bloody Mary and NA Moscow Mule. 

So what’s the most popular drink on tap?

For the kids, it’s the Stockholm Junior: Al Johnson’s version of a kiddie cocktail with a Swedish fish garnish. For the designated driver of the bachelorette party, the NA sparkling rosé lets her feel included without the intoxication.

The Stockholm Junior is Stabbur’s version of the kiddie cocktail. Photo by Rachel Lukas.

“What’s neat about the Riesling and the rosé is that they are dealcoholized – a process that removes the alcohol from the wine – so it’s not like you’re just drinking grape juice,” said Stabbur manager Kit Bütz. “[It’s important to have] drinks, food and [an] environment focused not just for adults’ enjoyment, but children also. This may sound crazy, but the Budweiser Zero with a squeeze of lime was a pretty solid, refreshing summer drink with zero sugar and only 50 calories.” 

Although the list of NA beverage options has been whittled down for the fall, Bütz expects that most of the summer favorites will return next season, along with a few new options. 

The inclusion of a nonalcoholic drink menu speaks to Stabbur staying on top of the latest beverage trends. 

“There has also been a big trend in the beer and liquor business for lower ABV [alcohol by volume] products and quality NA products,” Bütz said, “and we have always kept an eye out for those items. We want to be able to have options for the nondrinker, as well as promote responsible drinking.”