Design Plans Approved for 96 Apartment Units Near Target

PRE/3 of Brookfield’s design plans to build 96 apartment units in eight buildings between the Sturgeon Bay Target Store and Duluth Avenue were approved June 27 by the city’s Aesthetic Design and Site Plan Review Board.

Brad Treml of Robert E. Lee & Associates, who appeared before the board on behalf of PRE/3 to present the plans for the 12.6-acre site in Tax Increment District (TID) #7, said the two-story buildings will have stairs to access the second floor and will be ADA accessible on the lower level. The units will have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and the building’s exterior would be brick and vinyl siding. 

“There’s multiple types of siding that will be used – multiple colors – to kind of give it a good appeal,” he said. 

The development will have an on-site office, with on-site maintenance available, and the units will be pet friendly, with an outdoor zone for pets. 

Treml said the project is PRE/3’s third multifamily development in Sturgeon Bay.

Brad Treml of Robert E. Lee & Associates appears June 27 before Sturgeon Bay’s Aesthetic Design and Site Plan Review Board to present the design plans for PRE/3’s 96-unit apartment project east of Target. Photo by Kevin Boneske.

The development agreement that PRE/3 has with the city – which includes a developer-financed loan of $1.5 million to be paid back by the tax increments generated by developing the TID site – calls for having a minimum assessed value of at least $8.8 million upon completion of the project and thereafter. 

When board members asked about the possibility of including a playground area for children as part of the apartment development, city planner/zoning administrator Christopher Sullivan-Robinson said a gazebo will be located on the property as an activity space.

“In addition, the city is also hoping to put some funds toward a nearby park just north [of the development], and that’s through the tax increment district that’s included,” he said.

Sullivan-Robinson said “most developers usually pooh-pooh at a play apparatus, just because it tends to get underused.”

Marty Olejniczak, community development director, said the project plan for the TID includes some improvement for West Park, which is located north of Maple Street.

City planner/zoning administrator Christopher Sullivan-Robinson informs the Sturgeon Bay Aesthetic Design and Site Plan Board on June 27 about PRE/3’s design plans to build 96 apartment units between the Target store and Duluth Avenue. Photo by Kevin Boneske.

Though the two roads that border the project site to the north and south are not public roads, Olejniczak said a provision in the development agreement includes the possibility of dedicating the north road as a public road, if requested by the city.

“If the city decides it makes sense to make that [road] public, they can request the dedication to the developer, and then turn it over to the city,” he said. “It’s still being debated whether it’s necessary to make that a public street or not.”

Olejniczak the city would be responsible for maintaining the north road if it became a public street.

“If it stays private, then it’s up to the users to maintain it, whether it’s Target or the apartment people,” he said.

The board added a condition that there be an enclosure for a dumpster on the site.